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Children’s ombudswoman: Children without documents risk becoming trafficking victims

19.02.2014   4265 Views  

The local authorities in the first half of last year recorded 343 children without documents. The real figure is not yet known. As the names of these children are recorded nowhere, they risk being trafficked for sexual exploitation, labor exploitation or even organ donation, shows a study by the Center for Human Rights of Moldova.

In a news conference at IPN, ombudswoman for child rights protection Tamara Plamadeala said that most of the children without birth certificates are aged between 9 and 12. This age segment represents 38% of the total number of children without documents in Moldova.

According to Tamara Plamadeala, the procedure for issuing such children with documents is difficult, especially when the parents also do not have documents. The only penalty faced by the parents for leaving the children without birth certificates is a fine of 200 to 400 lei. The ombudswoman said the penalties should be toughened up as children’s rights to social protection, health, education and other rights are violated.

A part of the blame is borne by functionaries from tutelage authorities who should inform the parents about the necessity of legalizing documents for children within three months of the birth. The servants who do not fulfill their duties must be fired. Tamara Plamadeala recommended the central authorities to work out a unified database for identifying and issuing children and adults without identification papers with documents.

Most of the children without documents, recorded by the local authorities, are from Orhei, Stefan Voda and Ocnita districts.


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