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July 30, 2016, "World Day against Trafficking in Persons"

04.08.2016   4477 Views  

      On July 30, the day marked for the third consecutive year as the "World Day against trafficking in persons", proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations by resolution 68/192 of December 18, 2013. Marking this day tends towards raising awareness of the phenomenon, its consequences on the human being, but also the need to promote policies for the rehabilitation and protection of their rights.

      The lives of millions of people around the world are sold, implying today over 20 million victims. Men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, both in their own countries and abroad. The dream for a better life becomes a decoy making it vulnerable persons either in the country of origin, of transit or of destination. THB is a transnational and global crime, being an industry that generates an income estimated at over 9 billion dollars annually.

      Moldova has ratified the United Nations Convention against transnational organized crime (UNTOC) and the Protocol of prevention, suppressing and punishment of THB, especially of women and children (Palermo Protocol) through law No. 15-XV and law No. 17-XV of 17 February 2005. To honor the responsibility of implementing these international acts, the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the last 10 years in social partnerships has achieved significant results.

      This is due to the attention given in the development and harmonization of national legislation to international standards, strengthening of institutional capacities in order to identify, prevent and sanction, combating THB, development of services for victims. Along with the results achieved in this regard, there is much to be done in order to be ranked in Tier 1, the ranking of the annual report of the US State Department. This report indicates the progress states achieved, but pay more attention to existing problems, and making appropriate recommendations in order to strengthen the response of Governments on this matter.

     Moldova is ranked the 6th consecutive year in Tier 2, but recommendations for this period are quite serious:

-prosecution and conviction of traffickers vigorously through appropriate penalties;

-consolidation of efforts in the sentencing trial within public authorities;

-implementation of anti-corruption measures in the justice system;

-exoneration of victims at the confrontation with people accused of THB until the prosecution;

-protecting the criminal investigation officers and prosecutors of foreign influence and internal corruption, etc.

      It is also recommended that the state should focus on proactive identification of cases of THB, effective assistance for the reintegration of victims of long-standing.

      At present, specialized services (up to one year), intended for victims and potential victims of THB are rendered by Assistance and Protection Center located in Chisinau (in the first half of the year 2016 were assisted 54 victims and 266 potential victims of THB), which if necessary is the first point of contact for repatriated victims, and by 6 regional Centres of Assistance and Protection: mun. Balti - (Sotis), Drochia - (Maternal Center Ariadna), Hancesti - (Maternal Center "Pro Femina" Causeni), Causeni - (Center for assistance and protection of victims and potential victims of THB and the Maternal Center), Cahul -(Maternal Center "Trusted"). The centers provide a safe and protective environment to beneficiaries and have a total capacity of 146 seats. Activity of centers is provided from the state budget.

      Prosecutor General Office statistics shows that during the first six months of this year, in the Republic of Moldova were committed 136 offences related to that category of crimes in comparison to 164 in the first half of 2015, of which:

 • trafficking in human beings-61 (6 months 2015-82);

 • trafficking in children-14 (19);

 • illegal taking of children out of the country-7 (4);

 • pimping-43 (38);

 • organizing illegal migration-11 (21).

       Of the 67 persons in respect of which have been handed down sentences in 55 cases persons were convicted, 7 people have been paid, and in respect of 5 people the criminal trial was stopped. Of the total number of 55 individuals on which they were handed down sentences on conviction, prison punishment has been applied against 27 persons (mostly in committing THB), against 21 people-prison with conditional suspension of the execution of criminal sentences (mainly for prostitution), and the fine was applied as punishment for the convicted person.

       Through the intake on a daily basis, brought by the specialists of anti-trafficking community through a partnership effort can be exchanged for ramped accents in preventing and combating THB, to reduce this scourge. 



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