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Workshop organized by OSCE Mission to Moldova strengthens co-ordination of anti-trafficking activities

20.05.2017   3835 Views  

The OSCE Mission to Moldova held a two-day practical workshop aimed at enhancing the co-ordination of the country's anti-trafficking activities at the national and local levels on 11 and 12 May 2017. The event, held in Alba Iulia, Romania, brought together 15 representatives of state institutions, civil society and international organizations, and was organized in co-operation with Moldova's National Committee for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings.

Participants considered how to strengthen co-operation between Moldovan and Romanian anti-trafficking institutions - including social service providers, central and local public authorities, law enforcement agencies and civil society - in order to improve responses to cases of human trafficking. They also learned how Romania's national anti-trafficking agencies implement activities at the local level by visiting them at their place of work. The delegation also visited shelters that provide assistance and protection to victims of trafficking.

"Planning and co-ordination among the relevant actors is essential to ensuring that victims of trafficking can exercise their right to receive assistance and protection, in line with the Council of Europe's Anti-trafficking Convention," said Sorin Valerian Chirila, Director of the Alba Iulia General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection. "This workshop has strengthened the ability of anti-trafficking actors in Moldova and Romania to undertake joint efforts to provide essential services and combat trafficking in human beings."

The event was organized as part of the Mission's year-long project aimed at enhancing the capacity of Moldova's anti-trafficking institutions to plan, report and co-ordinate activities more effectively. 


Source:OSCE Mission to Moldova


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