Social Theatre as an instrument for the prevention of trafficking in human beings

      On October 18th, at the Municipal Library "B.P. Hasdeu" took place public meeting in the anti-trafficking field with young people who are studying at the Free International University of Moldova, Moldova State University and Center of Excellence in Energy and Electronics.

      The event was organized by the Permanent Secretariat in partnership with the OSCE Mission to Moldova.

      In opening remarks, Mrs. M. Gratschew, Coordinator of the OSCE Anti-Trafficking Programme in Moldova has mentioned about the sustained activities with a view to preventing and combating THB, notably the project of Social Theatre as an instrument for the prevention of trafficking in human beings.

      Social Theatre team of the Lyceum "Hyperion" presented a play on the subject of prevention of trafficking in human beings and its risks for young people today, with an innovative and unique approach.

      The subject was discussed with young people using interactive activities, such as "Word association with the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings", "If I were .... I'd" in which young people came up with suggestions and recommendations with a view to the involvement of each of the participants in the prevention of this scourge, for example: placement in educational institutions information about THB and the contact details of the actors that may apply in cases of emergency, providing information with colleagues from educational institutions in rural environment etc.

      The event ended with a donation of books and materials in the field of preventing and combating trafficking in human beings. 


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