Public debate on the prevention of trafficking in human beings

      On 24 October 2016, the Permanent secretariat of the NC CTHB organized a public debate focused on the prevention of trafficking in human beings.

      The event was held in the library "Ovidius" from Chisinau municipality and was attended by students from the Center for Excellence in Construction.

      The main topics addressed by the representatives of the Permanent secretariat were focused on informing youth regarding risks of THB, the overall picture anti-trafficking community at national level, forms of exploitation and the geographical areas of the victims of THB, victims of THB profile, trafficker's profile, engaging in anti-trafficking activities promoted at community level.

      Young people were interested in the subject, entering in direct dialogue with the officials, as well being interested in the segment of accessibility to information that might help them avoid situations of risk as soon as possible.

      Participants reiterated that the most useful for youth would be to inform them in various ways, emphasizing the use of all possible routes with a view to disseminating information on the prevention and combating of trafficking in human beings.

      In the end, the Permanent secretariat donated books and materials in the field of prevention of trafficking in human beings for the "Ovidius" library. 


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