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Woman gets eight years for trafficking in human beings

27.02.2014   5734 Views  

A woman from Straseni was sentenced to eight years in jail for trafficking in persons. She recruited an acquaintance to work at a hotel, but the victim was obliged to prostitute herself, IPN reports.

According to a communiqué from the Prosecutor General’s Office, in February 2013 the 23-year-old offender promised she will find a job at a hotel in Cyprus for the woman, with a salary of €1,400 a month. She asked 2,000 lei and €200 from the victim for legalziiang the necessary documents, but in several days organized her trip to Turkey. The victim was told that she will stop in Istanbul and will then continue her way to Cyprus.

When she arrived in Turkey, the woman was forced to provide sexual services. In several days, she managed to get in touch with her relatives and informed them where she was.

The statistics of the Prosecutor General’s Office show that 135 cases of trafficking in human beings were recorded in 2013, as against 151 cases in 2012.


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