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Police Academy introduces child protection specific module into its curricula

21.03.2014   4407 Views  

March, 2014, Chisinau, Moldova: An effective child protection system can only be established if stakeholders from a number of different professions, including: social protection, education, health, police, and justice, have the necessary knowledge, skills and tools required to do their jobs. For this very reason, Tdh Moldova puts a lot of effort into strengthening the capacity of professionals. To ensure the sustainability of its efforts, Tdh works in partnership with Ministries and Universities to introduce child protection specific courses into the curricula of university programmes.

As a result of such partnership, beginning with the winter semester 2013/2014, the students of the “Stefan cel Mare” Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova learn about the protection of children’s rights. The “Legal Protection of Children’s Rights” Module is an innovation for the Police Academy and is taught in the framework of the “Legal Protection of Human Rights” Course. It is estimated that yearly a minimum of 600 students will attend the course.

This first collaborative initiative between Terre des hommes and the Police Academy offers future and present policemen general guidance into the field of child protection and lays the ground for further developments in this direction. The introductory module includes three main subjects: (1) international child protection legal framework, (2) national regulations on the protection of children’s rights, and (3) case studies of difficult situations involving children.

“In the process of interaction between state services and children, a special place is reserved for the police, who permanently strive to protect children from abuse and exploitation, prevent crime and other illegal acts committed by children, and solve cases involving children in difficult situations. In this context, future policemen undertake a training module aimed directly and exclusively to children’s rights. Trainees benefit from both theoretical knowledge and seminars and practical lessons." comments Roman Starasciuc, Senior Lecturer at the “Stefan cel Mare” Police Academy and Institute of Continuous Professional Training and Applied Research, who developed the module, with the support of Terre des hommes Moldova.

In December 2012, Tdh and the Police Academy have signed a Memorandum of Cooperationthat has the objective to strengthen the standards of children’s rights’ protection in the education and training process of the Internal Affairs personnel. The collaboration was established in the framework of the “FACT- Transnational Action” Project, which is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).(AC)


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