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Public meeting with young people from Telenesti

28.11.2016   9455 Views  

      In November 25, 2016, the first day of the sitting of the International Campaign "16 days of activism against gender-based violence", the Permanent secretariat of the NC CTHB in partnership with the OSCE mission to Moldova and the anti-trafficking Territorial commission held a public meeting with young people from Telenesti district. The event took place at the school district of fine arts "Nicolae Moisei" and had the aim of information and prevention of the phenomenon.

      In his opening remarks, Mrs. Catherine Berejan, Head of the Permanent secretariat noted the importance of the concerted efforts of the community in combating this social scourge, referred to the forms of exploitation of this field and the importance of effective coordination of national policies at the level of local public administration.

      Mrs. Catherine Furculita, Deputy Chairman of the territorial commission to combat THB from Telenesti reiterated the interest of local authorities in the fight against THB and the efforts in this regard.

      Coordinator of the OSCE Anti-Trafficking Programme in Moldova has noted the main activities which sustains mission with a view to preventing and combating THB, and supporting team of social theatre at the Lyceum "Hyperion" from Durlesti, who presented a play aimed at raising public awareness about the phenomenon.

      As discussion platform have served more interactive activities, such as "Word association with the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings", "if I had... I would ....", echoed by Laurentia Filipschi, independent expert, in which young people were presented and have come up with proposals for the involvement of the whole society in the prevention of this scourge, for example: the continuous informing children and adolescents from pre-university educational institutions in rural areas about the dangers of THB, placement in the educational institutions information about THB and the contact details of the actors that may apply in cases of emergency, refer cases to the competent institutions, etc.

      Public meeting ended with a donation of books and information materials on the field of THB. 



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